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Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN152
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN152Features: Nice design with flip lidOperation smoothly and quietly Effective medication deliveryBi-rich patented productsComplete nebulizer kit included Adult mask+Pediatric mask + cup 6CC + mouthpiece +nosepiece  +PVC tube + 5pcs filters  
Pofessional manufacture BI-RICH Protable Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN152 easy to operate
Features:-Attractive design, Ideal for all ages-Two compartment for keeping ,nebulizer kits and power cord-Powerful and high quailty motor assure the life time-25mm stator Specifications:1.Power: AC 230 V-50Hz or 120 V - 60Hz2.Input Power: 160VA or 180VA Max3.Rate Current: 0.7A or 1.5A4.Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6mL(cc)5.Nebulization Rate: 0.2mL/min ~ 0.6mL/min6.Model of Operation: continutes7.Max Pressure: ≥ 35 psi (241 kPa)8.Operation Pressure Range: 9-16 psi (62-110 kPa)9.Liter Operation flow: 5-8 LPM10.Noise :≤ 58 dB(A)( at 1 meter distance)11.MMAD: 1.78±0.4um12.Unit Size: 295 x 167 x95 MM13.Unit Weight: 1.47KG14.Operation Condition: +5℃ to +40 ℃,30% 85% R.H15.Operation atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa16.Transportation and storage conditions: -20℃ ~ 60℃,10% R.H~93%R.HPacking :-Color giftbox + sponge inner support + instruction manual -Carton size: 44 x 36.5 x 33.5 CM-Net Weight: 14.3 KGS Gross Weight: 15.0 KG-1 x 20'' FT Container: 4200PCS 
Professional Spirometer manufacturers
An incentive spirometer is a medical device that helps patients improve th function of their lungs and an effective tool to prevent pulmonary complications. After surgery that affects the respiratory function, especially surgery to the lungs, such as abdominal surgery the device assists in respiration. It is also commonly prescribed for post-operative cardiac patients, or other surgery involving extra time under anesthesia and subsequent recovery. The incentive spirometer also minimizes the chance of fluid bulid-up in patients recovering from rib damage. You may also teach patients how to use the devices on their own as they prepare to leave the hospital.Features: - easy to use and clean                                                                       -containing mark clear to read,                     -no breakage in the tube. - Bellows and bite can be removed, -Dual-use, inhale and exhale,  adjustable flowSpecifications & Applications:1.Minimum vital capacity measurement:600cc2.Maximum vital capacity measurement value:1200cc3.Dimension:151.7mm  x 58.5 mm x 130.7mm4.Weight:0.16Kg
Atomizer BR-CN171(BR-CN143 in Mexico)
Features:-Adorable, Cute, Child-friendly design-One button easy Operating -Effective medication delivery-First choice, ideal for all children-Bi-rich patented products Complete nebulizer kit included Adult mask+Pediatric mask + cup 10CC + mouthpiece + PVC tube + 5pcs filters
Oxygen Concentrator BR-H901 / BI-RICH
Features:- One to five liters of large-capacity oxygen production- Oxygen density up to 97%- Large touch screen display- Low noise, quiet oxygen production- Atomization, dual function of oxygen productionSpecifications:1. Oxygen supply flow: 0.5~3 (L/min)2. Maximum outlet pressure during oxygen production: 50Kpa3. Gas flow rate during atomization: ≥2L/min4. Oxygen concentration alarm: <82%5. Low pressure alarm: 20Kpa6. High pressure alarm: 250Kpa7. High temperature alarm: >65℃8. Noise: 45dB(A)9. Atomization amount: ≥0.2ml/min10. Power supply: 220V/50Hz11. Rated power: ≤300VA12. Dimensions: 36.20 x 24.00 x 46.70 CM13. Weight:11.8 KG14. Operating temperature/humidity: 5℃~40℃, ≤80%RH15. Transportation and storage temperature: -20℃~60℃, 10%RH~95%RH16. Operating atmospheric pressure: 700Kpa~1060Kpa17. Atmospheric pressure for transportation and storage:500Kpa~1060KpaPacking:- Color giftbox+ sponge inner support+ Instruction manual- Carton size: 43.00 x 29.50 x 55.00 CM( 1pcs / carton )- Gross Weight: 15.90 KG- 1 x 20" FT Container: 401 PCS
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN151
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN151Features: Unique design with Audio shape -For treatment of upper and lower respiratory-Operation smoothly and quietly -Perfect in craftsmanship with high level quality-Design with integrated handle, easy with carry- Bi-rich patented products-Color available : White/ Blue /GreenSpecifications & Applications:1. Power: AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz2. Input Power :160VA or 180VA 3. Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6ml (cc)4. Average Nebulization Rate: ≥0.18ml/min 5.Mode of Operation: continuous >4 hours6.Max Working Pressure : ≥35 Psi 7.Operation Pressure Range: 9-16 Psi8.Liter Operation flow: 5-8 LPM9.Noise: ≤58 dB(A)  ( at 1 meter distance )10. MMAD: ≤3.0 μm11.Unit Size: 170 X 100 X 210 MM12.Unit Weight: 1.27 KG  
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN156
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN156Features: Effective medication delivery One button operation Easy carry handle Ideal for all ages Complete Nebulizer kit included Two storage compartments Latex free Easy to clean and lightweight         Specifications & Applications:1. Power: AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz2. Input Power :160VA or 180VA 3. Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6ml (cc)4. Average Nebulization Rate: ≥0.18ml/min 5..Max Working Pressure : ≥35 Psi 6.Operation Pressure Range: 9-16 Psi 7.Liter Operation flow: 5-8 LPM8.Noise: ≤58 dB(A) ( at 1 meter distance )9. MMAD: ≤3.0 μm                                                            10.Unit size: 300X160 X 100 MM 11. Unit weight: 1.47 KG    
Intro to phlegm Suction Machine BR-SM181 easy for carry - Bi-rich Medical
If you are finding a Phlegm Suction Machine easy to carry,convenient for outing ,and it will be your first choice .It own buttons for easy operation, and has strong inner core ,long-lasting operation with hidden buried liquid storage bottle. Specifications: 1.Input rating : AC 230V,50 Hz ,0.7A2.Max.vacuum level:87 kPa3.Range of negative pressure :20 kPa -max.vaccum level4.Pumping Flow :>11L/MIN5.Reservoir volume: 1100ML6.Noise :≤60dB(A) (at 1 meter distance)7.Unit Size :293 x 192 x245 MM8.Unit Weight:3.0 KG9.With a medium vacuum/low flow and fashionable stylish10.Bi-rich patented products.11.Operating temperature/humidity:5 ℃-40℃, 15%-93%R.H.12.Transportation and strorage conditions : -20℃-60℃,≤ 90%R.H.13.Operating atmospheric pressure:70 kPa - 106 kPa.Packing:-Color giftbox + paper inner support + instruction manual-Carton size : 47.2 x 34.7 x 57.6 CM( 4pcs / carton)-Net Weight: 14.2 KGS  Gross Weight: 14.8 KGS-1 x 20 "FT" Container: 1188pcs 
Phlegm Suction Machine BR-SM153 / BI-RICH
Features:- Small size,easy to carry,conventient for outing - One buttons for easy operation- Hidden buried liquid storage bottle- Strong inner core, long-lasting operationSpecifications:1. Input rating: AC 230V, 50 Hz, 0.7A2. Max. vacuum level: 87 kPa3. Range of negative pressure: 20 kPa~max.vacuum level4. Pumping Flow: ≥11 L/MIN5. Reservoir volume: 1100ML6. Noise: ≤60dB(A)(at a meter distance)7. Unit Size: 280 x 195x 245 MM8. Unit Weight: 3.0KG9. With a medium vacuum/low flow and fashionable stylish10. Bi-rich patented products11. Operation temperature/humidity: 5℃~40℃,15%~93%R.H12. Transportation and storage conditions: -20℃~60℃,≤90%R.H13. Operating atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPaPacking:- Color giftbox + paper inner support +Instruction manual- Carton size: 48 x 35.5 x 30 CM ( 2pcs/ carton ) - Net Weight: 7.22 KGS   Gross Weight: 8.05 KGS- 1 x 20 "FT" Container: 1096pcs
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN191 / Bi-rich
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN191.More customers have shown more interest in the unique design of .Bi-rich Medical China Compressor Nebulizer Machine For Home Use BR-CN191 manufacturers-Bi-rich MedicalFeatures:- Efficient respiratory therapy- Ideal for all ages,personal home care- Operates amoothly and quietly- Reliable pressure and air flowSpecifications: 1. Power: AC 230 V- 50 Hz or 120V-60Hz2. Input Power: 160VA or 180 VA Max3. Rate Current: 0.7A or 1.5A4. Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6mL(cc)5. Nebulization Rate: 0.2mL/min ~ 0. 6mL/min6. Mode of Operation: Continutes7. Max Pressure: ≥35psi((241kPa)8. Operation Pressure Range: 9-16psi(62-110kPa)9. Liter Operation flow: 5-8LPM10. Noise: ≤ 58dB(A)(at 1 meter distance)11. MMAD: 1.78±0.4um12. Unit Size: 147 x 147 x 95 MM13. Unit Weight: 1.2KG14. Operation Condition: +5℃ to +40℃,30%R.H to 85%R.H15. Operation atmospheric pressure: 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa16. Transportation and storage conditions: -20 ℃~60 ℃,10%R.H~93%R.HPacking: - Color giftbox +sponge inner support + Instruction manual- Carton size: 16.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 CM- Net Weight: 12 KGS      Gross Weight: 12.7 KGS- 1 x 20 "FT" Containers: 5632pcs
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN116 / BI-RICH
Features:- Top Rank, over 300,000pcs Sales Volume yearly   - Small size , lightweight and efficient therapy- Ideal for all ages- Japan standard, zero complaint- CE /FDA/ INMETRO/GOST/SFDA approved- Color available : White/ Blue /Green /Orange /Yellow /Pink /Disney color- Carry bag (optional)- Cable connection (optional)Specifications & Applications:1. Input Rating: 230VAC/ 50Hz/0.7A2. Maximum fill volume: 6ml3.Particle size: MMAD approximately  3μm4.Noise level:≤58 dB(A)  (at 1meter distance)5.Nebulization rate:≥0.2ml/min (by weight loss)6.Residual volume: ≤0. 5ml7.Max.pressure range : ≥35 psi (241 kPa )8.Operating pressure range: 9~16psi9.Operating flow range: 5~8lpm10.Operating temperature range:  +5℃ to +40℃11.Operating humidity range: 30% to 85%RH12.Storage temperature range:  -20℃ to +70℃13.Storage humidity range: 10% to 95%RH14.Operating atmospheric pressure range: 700~1060 hPa15.Unit Size: 155X 140 X 95 MM16.Unit Weight: 1.15 KGPacking: - Color giftbox + sponge inner support +Instruction manual- Carton size: 60 x  19 x 35 CM(8 pcs/carton)- Net Weight: 12.05  KGS     Gross Weight: 12.65 KGS- 1 x 20 " FT" Containers: 5616pcs 
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN116
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN116Features: -Top Rank, over 300,000pcs Sales Volume yearly   -Small size , lightweight and efficient therapy- Ideal for all ages- Japan standard, zero complaint- CE /FDA/ INMETRO/GOST/SFDA approved- Color available : White/ Blue /Green /Orange /Yellow /Pink /Disney colorSpecifications & Applications:1. Power: AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz2. Input Power :160VA or 180VA 3. Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6ml (cc)4. Average Nebulization Rate: ≥0.18ml/min 5.Mode of Operation: continuous >4 hours6.Max Working Pressure : ≥35 Psi 7.Operation Pressure Range: 9-16 Psi 8.Liter Operation flow: 5-8 LPM9.Noise: ≤60 dB(A) ( at 1 meter distance )10. MMAD: ≤3.0 μm11.Unit Size: 155X 140 X 95 MM12.Unit Weight: 1.15 KG  - Carry bag (optional)- Cable connection (optional)  

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