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Main products: Compressor Nebulizer, Phlegm Suction Machine, Sleep Apnea Machine, Breathing Machine (CPAP BPAP) , Infrared Thermometer.

Compressor Nebulizer  BR-CN161 / BI-RICH
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN161 / BI-RICH
Features:- Carton design, lovely and attractive by all children- Help the children relax during treatment- Operation smoothly and quietly- Effective medication deliverySpecifications:1. Power: AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz2. Input Power :160VA or 180VA3. Rate Current: 0.7A or 1.5A4. Max Capacity of Medicine cup: 6ml (cc)5. Average Nebulization Rate: ≥0.18ml/min 6.Mode of Operation: continuous >24 hours7.Max Working Pressure : ≥35Psi ( 345Kpa; 3.5 Bar )8.Operation Pressure Range: 9-16Psi( 62-110Kpa; 0.6-1.1 Bar )9.Liter Operation flow: 5-8 LPM10.Noise: ≤58dB(A) ( at 1 meter distance )11. MMAD: 3.0um (0.9% saline/ tested by Cascade Impactor)12.Unit Size: 239 x 180 x 105MM13.Unit Weight: 1.2 KG  14.Operation Condition: ﹢5℃ to ﹢40℃, 10% RH to 93% RH15.Suggested Applications : Hospital, clinic, atomizer room, nursing home, personal home care.Packing :-Color gift box+air bubble bag protect+Instruction manual-Carton size: 50 x 27.5 x 40 CM (8pcs/ carton)-Net Weight : 11.4 KGS  Gross Weight: 12.3 KGS-1X 20″FT Container : 4072 pcs
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN171(BR-CN143 in Mexico)
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN171(BR-CN143 in Mexico)
Compressor Nebulizer BR-CN171(BR-CN143 in Mexico). provides excellent customer service while advising the customer on  maintenance.
Quality Mesh ultrasonic nebulizer Manufacturer BR-MN199 |  Bi-rich Medical
Quality Mesh ultrasonic nebulizer Manufacturer BR-MN199 | Bi-rich Medical
BR-MN199 Mesh ultrasonic nebulizer compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.Bi-rich Medical summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of BR-MN199 Mesh ultrasonic nebulizer can be customized according to your needs.
Oxygen Concentrator BR-H901 / BI-RICH
Oxygen Concentrator BR-H901 / BI-RICH
Features:- One to five liters of large-capacity oxygen production- Oxygen density up to 97%- Large touch screen display- Low noise, quiet oxygen production- Atomization, dual function of oxygen productionSpecifications:1. Oxygen supply flow: 0.5~3 (L/min)2. Maximum outlet pressure during oxygen production: 50Kpa3. Gas flow rate during atomization: ≥2L/min4. Oxygen concentration alarm: <82%5. Low pressure alarm: 20Kpa6. High pressure alarm: 250Kpa7. High temperature alarm: >65℃8. Noise: 45dB(A)9. Atomization amount: ≥0.2ml/min10. Power supply: 220V/50Hz11. Rated power: ≤300VA12. Dimensions: 36.20 x 24.00 x 46.70 CM13. Weight:11.8 KG14. Operating temperature/humidity: 5℃~40℃, ≤80%RH15. Transportation and storage temperature: -20℃~60℃, 10%RH~95%RH16. Operating atmospheric pressure: 700Kpa~1060Kpa17. Atmospheric pressure for transportation and storage:500Kpa~1060KpaPacking:- Color giftbox+ sponge inner support+ Instruction manual- Carton size: 43.00 x 29.50 x 55.00 CM( 1pcs / carton )- Gross Weight: 15.90 KG- 1 x 20" FT Container: 401 PCS

Shenzhen Bi-rich , is committed to human respiratory disease therapy! 

Designed with our patients in mind, Shenzhen Bi-Rich Medical Devices Co., Ltd aims to provide efficient aerosol treatment for worldwide patients with a better life .

Through professional technology background with the new trends of innovative functions, we have developed unique series of products to offer respiratory patients the best treatment.

■ We have developed unique series of products to offer respiratory patients the best treatment.

■ We passed the Medical Device Quality Management System ISO13485 and CE certification

■ We passed US FDA factory auditing successfully, without any 483 record.

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    6 Workshops with 200 employees

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    Over 7000pcs compressor nebulizer per day

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    Over 150 distributors in over 80 countries choose Bi-rich

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    Quality first, Customer First, Service First, Sustainable Business First

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    Company Establishment
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    Company Personnel
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    Factory Area
Shenzhen Bi-Rich Medical Devies Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Bi-rich founded in 2010, is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, manufacturing and sales services of compressor nebulizer, atomization inhalation consumables, sleep apnea machine, phlegm suction machine,sputum aspirator, sleep breathing therapeutic instrument, infrared thermometer and the supporting parts of the above products. At present, the company has more than 150 employees, with a monthly production capacity of 150000 sets.

The company now has more than 30 patents, has passed SGS ISO13485 medical device quality system certification, EU CE product certification, domestic GMP medical device quality system certification. In 2010, it was awarded as a Disney qualified supplier, and in 2017, it passed the FDA's one-time audit of no observation items.


Provide a better life for patients around the world and provide effective aerosol therapy.

Our customers
Our customers
We are keeping and following the vision of innovation, quality, reputation and win-win developing together with our partners in the same value chain, provided welfare more patients in the society continually. Professional R & D team, independent research and development of motors, CPAP, BiPAP software, nebulizers and other new products, unique design appearance, various styles, From mold design, Mask Kits production, assembly and packaging, all is one-stop services
China factory audit by alibaba manufacturers - Bi-rich Medical
China factory audit by alibaba manufacturers - Bi-rich Medical
There is a belief that is conceived in the breath.There is an innovation that is changes to the health career.Bi-rich is committed to human respiratory disease therapy!Shenzhen, an important trade window between China and the world, has witnessed the rise and prosperity of countless enterprises.Starting in this vibrant city, ShenZhen Bi-rich Medical Devices CO., Ltd, adheres to the development concept of "Breathe Freely, Everyone Healthy",Establishment in 2010,Bi-rich continued to forge ahead, pursuit of healthy breathing and quality of life has never stopped.As a large professional manufacturer of respiratory medical equipment, Bi-rich covering an area of over 10,000 square meters, focusing on independent R&D design, manufacturing and sales services of respiratory medical products. In the ever-changing era, technological innovation is the core of enterprise development.To better achieve the concept of "Breathe Freely, Everyone Healthy", Bi-rich closely follows the trend of advanced technology, our factory has built-in 10,000 level laboratories and senior R&D personnel with doctoral and graduate degrees. Through strong self-research ability, leading application technology, innovative R&D equipment, insist on independent innovation, break through technical barriers, and create more quality, more advanced, and more reliable respiratory medical products for the world.With many years of R&D , Bi-rich has successfully developed Nebulizer, Phlegm Suction Machine, CPAP, BiPAP, Oxygen Concentrators, and other respiratory products and Disposable Consumables.With more than 30 patents, Bi-rich has obtained the FDA ,ISO13485 Medical Device Quality System Certification, the EU CE1639 Product Certification, and the domestic GMP Medical Device Quality System CertificationAmong them, the self-developed Ventilator Software Invention Patents, Nebulizer Appearance Patents, Nebulizer Pump Utility Patents and other core patent technologies, have reached international advanced levels. In 2010, it was awarded a Qualified Disney Supplier and passed the FDA factory auditing in 2017, got the National High-tech Enterprise in 2020.With the service purposes of "technology creates brand, quality builds reputation", Bi-rich has set up 6 dust-free production workshops, including Nebulizers ,Nebulizer Pumps, Injections, Molds , Extrusion Tubes and Accessories Packaging Workshops .With dozens of automated production lines, under the operation of international advanced equipment, each product ranges from incoming raw materials to lean production; from strict inspection to packaging and delivery, each process is controlled by a professional team. Nearly stringent production standards, only for the perfect birth of high-quality products.Innovation, Quality, Reputation and Service , just this persistence,Bi-rich reaches more than 5,000 units per day and the monthly production capacity is 180,000 units. Our products sells well on Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo, Amazon and other online platforms. Over 60 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Brazil, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, bringing scientific and comfortable respiratory treatment solutions to tens of thousands of families, so that patients with respiratory diseases can regain a healthy life of breathing.In the future, Bi-rich will gather more high-quality resources at home and abroad, dominated by the respiratory medical device industry, and continue to make efforts to create multi-functional intelligent, intensive, and professional high-end medical device products, and strive to become a smart medical device,intelligent health, artificial intelligence and precision manufacturing Technology Strategy Industry Base,so that the scientific light of medical equipment can shine to every corner of the world, and escort the health and free breathing of the whole people.ShenZhen Bi-rich Medical Devices CO., Ltd Breathe Freely, Everyone Health
2014 Dubai Exhibition
2014 Dubai Exhibition
2014 Dubai Exhibition.  production conforms to international manufacturing standards. Therefore, the use of toxic bleaching agents, dyes and other chemicals is limited.
Phlegm suction machine BR-SM181  _ Shenzhen BI-RICH
Phlegm suction machine BR-SM181 _ Shenzhen BI-RICH
If you are finding a easy  operation suction machine and  this model Phlegm suction machine may meet with your requirement, which small size ,easy to carry,convenient for outing; one buttons for easy operation;hidden buried liquid storage bottle;strong inner core, and long-lasting operation.
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