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Phlegm Suction Machine

A suction machine, also known as an aspirator , is a type of medical device that is primarily used for removing obstructions -  like mucus, saliva,blood, or secretions - from a person's airway.When an individual is unable top clear secretions due to a lack of consciousness or an ongoing medical procedure, suction machines help them breathe by maintaining a clear airway.

Intro to phlegm Suction Machine BR-SM181 easy for carry - Bi-rich Medical
If you are finding a Phlegm Suction Machine easy to carry,convenient for outing ,and it will be your first choice .It own buttons for easy operation, and has strong inner core ,long-lasting operation with hidden buried liquid storage bottle. Specifications: 1.Input rating : AC 230V,50 Hz ,0.7A2.Max.vacuum level:87 kPa3.Range of negative pressure :20 kPa -max.vaccum level4.Pumping Flow :>11L/MIN5.Reservoir volume: 1100ML6.Noise :≤60dB(A) (at 1 meter distance)7.Unit Size :293 x 192 x245 MM8.Unit Weight:3.0 KG9.With a medium vacuum/low flow and fashionable stylish10.Bi-rich patented products.11.Operating temperature/humidity:5 ℃-40℃, 15%-93%R.H.12.Transportation and strorage conditions : -20℃-60℃,≤ 90%R.H.13.Operating atmospheric pressure:70 kPa - 106 kPa.Packing:-Color giftbox + paper inner support + instruction manual-Carton size : 47.2 x 34.7 x 57.6 CM( 4pcs / carton)-Net Weight: 14.2 KGS  Gross Weight: 14.8 KGS-1 x 20 "FT" Container: 1188pcs 
Phlegm Suction Machine BR-SM153 / BI-RICH
Features:- Small size,easy to carry,conventient for outing - One buttons for easy operation- Hidden buried liquid storage bottle- Strong inner core, long-lasting operationSpecifications:1. Input rating: AC 230V, 50 Hz, 0.7A2. Max. vacuum level: 87 kPa3. Range of negative pressure: 20 kPa~max.vacuum level4. Pumping Flow: ≥11 L/MIN5. Reservoir volume: 1100ML6. Noise: ≤60dB(A)(at a meter distance)7. Unit Size: 280 x 195x 245 MM8. Unit Weight: 3.0KG9. With a medium vacuum/low flow and fashionable stylish10. Bi-rich patented products11. Operation temperature/humidity: 5℃~40℃,15%~93%R.H12. Transportation and storage conditions: -20℃~60℃,≤90%R.H13. Operating atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPaPacking:- Color giftbox + paper inner support +Instruction manual- Carton size: 48 x 35.5 x 30 CM ( 2pcs/ carton ) - Net Weight: 7.22 KGS   Gross Weight: 8.05 KGS- 1 x 20 "FT" Container: 1096pcs

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